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Gaeia Sanskrit – Romanian Journey

06 November 2019

During the weekend of November 16-17, Gaeia Sanskrit will be our most special guest. We are delighted to say that her workshops on Sanskrit language and Kirtan are delicate and at the same time powerful both for mind and soul. 

We will connect with the energy of Sanskrit language, we will sing together and we will enjoy a moment for ourselves, a chance that we are giving us to grow and to enjoy the love in our hearts.

We asked lovely Gaeia some questions for you to understand better her vision about the world, her wonderful work and the way her workshops will help you improve your life.

1. How can you describe yourself in 3 words?

Intuitive, creative, romantic.

2. How did you discover Sanskrit language and which is the healing power of the Sanskrit language?

I never discovered Sanskrit, but Sanskrit came to me, the sounds of Sanskrit entered my Mother’s womb, from then they were heard by me, and after that as I grew up, heard Sanskrit every day. The healing power of the Sanskrit language is all contained within the alphabet, add the rhythm and melody of the words and you have it all.

3. In which ways can sounds heal the mind and make the soul fly?

The sounds of Sanskrit quieten the mind; when the mind is quiet there is a chance for the presence of the soul to be heard; when the presence of soul is heard what is unnecessary falls away, you fall, and carry on falling.

4. What do you love about Kirtan?

To lose my ego in the fullness of love; to leave the brain and enter the heart; Kirtan is a union; many voices become one, it is this unity that softens the pain of human existence

5. Who can attend your workshops? For whom are they recommended?

Absolutely EVERYone and ANYone ANY age ANY gender; especially those who are fearful or have a doubt about Sanskrit and Yoga; and especially those who feel they cannot fully express themselves or there is a block in creative expression. Those who have never had any experience with Yoga or sounding, and the lovers and friends and family of Yogis. ALL are welcome, come with an open mind.

6. What are your feelings about this visit to Romania, to Bodhi Studio?

I have no ideas, no concepts, no thoughts as to what it will be like. Before I go anywhere I simply trust that the place and ancient lineage of that place will guide me. So Romania has called me and I have heard her call, the rest will all unfold. All I know is that there is a ‘sound’ to Romania which is one full of yearning and searching and longing for something REAL amidst the unreal. And to have the opportunity to visit a country and chant and share the love of Sanskrit, a country which is full of sincere art and love of sound and heart, that is a very great honor.

I look forward to meeting my Romanian family and all who are called to come. 

Gaeia Sanskrit workshops are scheduled for November 16th and November 17th as follows:

November 16th

- 10:00 - 13:00 - The Joy & Healing Vibrations of Sanskrit Language

- 19:00 - 21:00 - Kirtan - The Song of the Soul

November 17th

- 10:30 - 13:00 - The Joy & Healing Vibrations of Vedic Chanting

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