Invocations for Love and Awakening

Bodhi Studio

Sâmbătă, 28 Jul, 19:30-21:30

Join us for a lovely evening of live music, meditation and mantras to joyfully reconnect to your kindness, compassion and loving nature. 

 We will…
- enjoy live music - voice & guitar - by Mario Silva (Portugal) from his first album “Invocations for Love and Awakening”
- reconnect to love, compassion and our sense of presence through a beautiful meditation journey
- chant mantras together to celebrate the fullness and beauty of life. 

Mario Silva will hold the space and guide you through the singing and Crina Radu will guide you through the meditation journey. 

If you feel shy about singing, just keep an open heart and enjoy the music. :)
Please wear something comfortable to make the best of this experience. 

We look forward to sharing this evening with you! ♥ 

Crina is a Tibetan Buddhist practitioner, Mindfulness Trainer, a Reiki practitioner, Basic Master - New Paradigm MDT, passionate as well about communication and all the holistic ways in which one can bring wellbeing into one’s life. More at Living Life Mindfully

Mario is a Musician, Songwriter and Massage Therapist from Portugal, with a passion for meditation, creative writing and mantra singing. He is playing music since age 15 and in the last years started writing and composing his own music. He recently launched his first album that you can enjoy here: 


Please book your spot in advance: (EN or RO) / 0752-240-146

* limited seats *

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